Our Approach

12-Step Immersion

At Heartwood Recovery we strongly believe in the 12-Step approach to recovery.  We help our clients gain a true understanding of the steps, and we focus on practical application and sustainability.  We hold our clients accountable with regard to their program, and bring awareness/accountability in the areas where they struggle.


We believe in meeting our clients where they are at.  While the alcoholic/addict dilemma is the same for everyone, outside circumstances are not.  At Heartwood, we take a very individualized approach when it comes to helping our clients.  We get to know our clients on a personal level so we can better assist them.


At Heartwood Recovery we strongly encourage our clients to stay for 6 months.  During their stay with us, clients are able to build a foundation and a brotherhood.  We encourage our clients to make recovery their #1 priority, and to not rush the process.