Gavin T. (Former Resident and Manager)

"I spent 3 years in and out of sober livings and rehabs. Relapse is a big part of my story. In 2018 I decided to move back to Austin in another attempt to get sober, at that point I wasn't sure if sober living was my best option as I had no success in the past attempts. One of my closest friends had some time together, and was living at Heartwood and had suggested I move there. I had less than 3 weeks clean, little money left and no financial help from my parents, but Heartwood was willing to accept me. I spent 11 months at Heartwood starting as a resident, and became a house manager around 7 months in. Heartwood provided a starting point other sober livings couldn't match. Great residents, regular H&I's, a gym membership, and the houses are high quality and in great locations. I learned how to be an adult at Heartwood, how to be financially independent, how to enjoy life again, and how to help others. Heartwood didn't just house me, they provided the environment and support I needed to repair my life. Now I can show up for my family, for work, and for my friends as someone they can rely on. I'm amazed at my life and I'm grateful Heartwood provided me the foundation I needed."


Aaron H. (Former Resident and Manager)

“I spent the first 3 months of my recovery at an inpatient treatment center, followed by 3 more months at a structured aftercare facility.  At 6 months sober, I thought I knew what I needed.  Fortunately, it was suggested that I find a high accountability sober living home.  When I realized this was my only option, I called some friends and reached out to Frank at Heartwood.  This ended up being a God moment for me.  Frank let me know that they did not have a bed, but that he would move out of the house so that I could move in.  In my first 3 months at Heartwood, I struggled.  I was held accountable consistently. Over time, the accountability and support helped shape me as a man in recovery and polished my rough edges.  Long story short, Heartwood helped mold me and put me on track to thrive.  After 6 months of residency and spiritual growth, I was given the opportunity to be an assistant house manager.  I then stepped into the main house manager position after that.  Being a manager at Heartwood was a big deal for me.  It helped me become a better sponsor and be more effective in the lives of other men, which is fundamental in the 12-step program.  Heartwood held me accountable, gave me the opportunity to be responsible, trustworthy, consistent, and dependable.  I stayed at Heartwood for just over 18 months. It became my home, and friends became family.  Heartwood was, and still is, like Holy Ground for me. Living and managing there was a vital part of my recovery, and I will forever be grateful for the time and experience I was allowed to have at these houses."


Patrick F. (Former Manager)

"I was given the opportunity to live in, and manage at Heartwood Recovery. This experience was far better than any other sober living experience I’ve had. The house was amazing. I was able to work on my own recovery while I was there, meanwhile being able to help new members of the house get acquainted with the fellowship of the houses. Heartwood does not at all expect too much out of you. They allow each member to have their own experience while following simple rules that help them further themselves in their personal recovery and adulthood. The house meetings during the week were always great and allowed us to share some experience, strength, and hope, as well as hold each other accountable as needed. Frank does such a great job being present at the houses. My experience at Heartwood helped me more than I could have asked for. The time I spent their allowed me to continue to grow within this controlled environment and give me the right tools I needed to work on my personal recovery and responsibilities. Heartwood is the best sober living home I’ve ever lived in and I am more than grateful for Frank and the houses he has provided to the Austin community."


Chase F. (Former Resident)

"Getting sober is no easy task. Treatment equipped me with the tools I needed but I had fear of my transition back into the "real world". My decision to live at Heartwood is still something I thank my higher power for every day. It was a perfectly structured environment to grow in my recovery while still having the accountability and support from Frank (Founder and CEO) and the guys I lived with. Heartwood gave me the opportunity to get plugged into the amazing recovery community both within Heartwood's three houses, and in Austin as a whole. The house managers lead by example and guided each of us to grow as recovered men within our own experiences and situations. House meetings, chores, and simple house rules were a simple structure I needed to implant back into my program of action while finding fun in seemingly monotonous tasks. The men at Heartwood provided fellowship, community and an openness to become vulnerable once again. I learned that there is so much fun in sobriety over my time at Heartwood. I have since moved onto finding my own apartment, sponsoring other alcoholics, working a full time job and amending many broken relationships. Life gets better and better every day and I couldn't have gotten to where I am without the relationships I built, lessons I learned, joy I found and the structure Heartwood helped provide. I am grateful every day for Frank and the amazing group of men that all fight together as a family to become the best men God has created us to be. You cannot put a price on the relationships and memories that are built and will last a lifetime at Heartwood."


Landon A. (Former Resident and Manager)

"Up until recently I was a manager at Heartwood Recovery.  I started out as a client, and eventually worked my way into management.  In total I spent 17 months at Heartwood.  Prior to coming to Heartwood I had been to various sober livings over the years, but never stayed longer than three months.  I suppose the main factor of why I stayed this long is because it felt like home to me.  The houses are nice, clean, and located just 5 minutes south of downtown, which was very convenient.  We were taught how to work a 12-Step program, and how to become a productive member of society.  I remember at the 2-month mark, my peers and I all had jobs, all attended meetings together, we all had sponsors, and we all kept the house clean as a group.  My life had become manageable and I was finally on track.  Heartwood is ran properly and has been very effective for myself and many others."


Sang T. (Former Resident)

"After finishing 3 months at a great treatment center, I had a chance to do sober living at Heartwood Recovery.  The minute I stepped in the doors I was like WOW!!!  The living condition is exceptional as I made the transition back to civilization as a sober gentleman.  They set me up with a gym membership and plugged me in with other brothers in Austin from similar treatment centers with the same goals.  The location is perfect for everything.  From AA meetings, shopping, nature, bicycling, to everything Austin has to offer.  The owner and his family are great!  Genuine people I now call family.  Here I made friends and memories for a lifetime.  Today I am filled with so much gratitude for my second shot at a meaningful life.  Thank you God, Heartwood, and everyone involved."


Ryan D. (Former Resident)

"I had been trying to get sober with no success for a while and had tried different cities and sober livings following treatments, and I had never been able to attain sustainable sobriety in the real world outside of an institution. Heartwood was the first sober living that felt like home, with friends who are like family, while providing the accountability and structure I needed. Instead of counting days and struggling through each day, I found myself loving life and actually enjoying waking up and living sober. Heartwood helped save my life and make me into the man I am today. "


Dustin S. (Former Resident and Manager)

"After leaving Brazos, I was blessed with the opportunity to come to Heartwood for sober living.  Upon arrival I was immediately impressed by the house and the way it was ran. Heartwood not only provided me exceptional living conditions but it allowed me to build relationships with like minded people who were serious about their recovery. Through the fellowship and accountability I was able to continue to grow in my recovery.  Heartwood is an amazing place and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I am very grateful to have had Frank and what Heartwood has to offer in my life."